Okay, even if you skipped all the info on the other pages and jumped right to this one, you probably want to know how much the Thrive programs costs. Fair enough. (But you may want to still get info from the other pages!)

Thrive Wellness offers all-inclusive memberships with unlimited use of the facility during staff hours, plus a new workout program every month designed and supervised by certified personal trainers. Some classes are included in the membership (Yoga, J.A.M. Sessions (joint and mobility), Boot Camp and a great selection of "Fitness on Demand" classes) and other specialty classes are discount for Thrive members. All of this for only $49 per month ($69 per couple) with no contracts and reasonable initiation fees ($50 individual, $75 couples, $100 family). Now, you have to admit, that’s a deal!  

24-hour access is available with the purchase of a special RFID key fob ($25) but no additional monthly charge. 

The Thrive Weight Management program averages $79 per month with a one-time program set-up fee of $99. That price includes the initial assessments (resting metabolic rate, ultrasound body composition, measurements, etc.), individual nutrition plan, one-on-one training on the Thrive workout program by a certified personal trainer, and a full membership with all the benefits listed above. You’ll receive a new workout program every month, follow-up assessments every eight weeks, and any needed changes to your nutrition plan based on changes in your metabolism. The length of the program (and therefore the full price) is dependent on how many pounds you’d like to lose, so call us or stop in for full details.

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