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  The Grants Pass YMCA Wellness Center will soon be offering Acupuncture at the YMCA. We know that many people would like to know more about what acupuncture is, what it does to the body and how it can help you. We are offering 3 different nights of classes to help educate people on how acupuncture contributes to your overall health. During this informational night we will offer a 30 minute education session and then a short treatment if you desire to give it a try! 

The YMCA Wellness Center exists to help you discover the healthy body that you want. Whether you desire to tone up, slim down, improve your overall health, or all of the above, The YMCA is for you. At the YMCA Wellness Center, it's all about service! You'll always have access to, and the support of, certified personal trainers–all included in your membership. The YMCA Wellness Center offers fitness memberships, a guaranteed weight loss program, one-on-one personal training, Synergie cellulite reduction, facials (traditional or Synergie facials) and microdermabrasion, classes and massage therapy. Experience the difference!

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Lisa Keesee

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

I became fascinated with healthy living and nutrition at a very young age in my life. When I went to college, I couldn’t imagine pursuing anything other than Health and Nutrition. I graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2004 with a Bachelors in Health Science in Nutrition and have been working as a weight loss specialist ever since.

I joined the Team at the beginning of 2012 with the desire to incorporate a fitness certification. I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in July 2013.

In addition, I love to practice Yoga and have been doing so for the past 20 years. I’ve been given the opportunity to start my own Yoga class, which is offered as part of your membership.

I have also been a Certified Synergie Technician since 2005 and love to treat people with relaxing Synergie massage treatments.

I am very passionate about helping people achieve their personal health and fitness goals!

Chris Petty

Esthetician, Fitness Instructor, ACE-Certified personal trainer

Chris Petty has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is an ACE-certified group exercise instructor. She currently teaches Zumba classes throughout the Southern Oregon area. She is also qualified to teach four other Zumba specialty programs. In addition, Chris is a certified instructor of five of the Les Mills fitness programs. Chris has a brown belt in karate from Chip Wright Champion Karate in Medford, OR and has competed and won many tournaments in the Kata division.

As the esthetician, Chris enjoys the opportunity to pamper both ladies and gentlemen with wonderful facials. She offers both traditional and Synergie facials…either way, you’ll love it!

Chris is also a licensed hair stylist, has many interests and enjoys learning new things and loving on her children and grandchildren. Chris loves working with people and looks forward to helping them reach their fitness goals.

Virginia Kramer

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer & Health coach

Virginia has been an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Personal Trainer since 1992 and also holds an ACE-certification as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach.

It all began in 1985, when Virginia became a volunteer instructor teaching aerobics to the community through her church. (Yes, remember those leotard and leg-warmer days?) Wanting to offer the most safe, effective and fun classes, she began studying and became an ACE-certified Group Exercise Instructor. She continued as an instructor leading cardiovascular, resistance training and yoga/Pilates classes for over 20 years.

Her passion is helping others reach their goal through healthy exercise and nutrition. She has opened two successful weight loss centers before establishing the Weight Management program. With her experience in nutrition and fitness, Virginia worked with Erin Houk, R.N. and Certified Exercise Specialist, with the oversight of a registered dietitian, to develop the Weight Management program.

Virginia is also a Certified A.M.S. Synergie Specialist and loves to see the results her clients enjoy with Synergie cellulite reduction treatments.

Outside of the fitness realm, Virginia has lived in Grants Pass for about 40 years and has been married to Dave since 1985. She is the proud mom of three married daughters “who live too far away!” She has three much-loved grandchildren: Benjamin, Ellyson and Makenna.  Her priority is to visit them as often as possible and spoil them completely!

If you are interested in losing weight, looking and feeling your best, and improving your fitness level, Virginia would love to help you!

Glen Wardlaw

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer & ACE-Certified health coach

My path to becoming a personal trainer was different than most.

I weighed 315 pounds as of March 5, 2009. My activity level was non-existent, to say the least. I tried different ways to lose weight in the past, but never had any success. After so many attempts I kind of just gave up. I tried a few gyms around town and never felt comfortable. And as far as knowing what I was doing, well, let’s just say I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right or if I was going to hurt myself. Not only that, but I was intimidated by the other guys in the gym.

When I heard about this facility, I used all of my past failures as an excuse to not join for quite a while. Eventually, all of the excuses ran out and I had to face the fact that the weight wasn’t going to come off all by itself and I had to get on with living. The fact that the nutrition program consisted of all of the foods I usually ate anyway and the gym itself didn’t have that muscle-head mentality or intimidating feel to it. I knew I could do it. The staff  coached me on the proper portions and timing of foods in the nutrition program and coached me on the proper exercise techniques. In less than a year the inches melted away and the pounds dropped. I lost a total of 134 pounds.

Life has a funny way of the direction it is going to take. After getting more fit and losing the weight, the economy… well, we all know what the economy did. I was laid off from my career job after 22 years of service. The industry I was in took a huge hit and the business vanished. At first, I was devastated, then angry. That lasted for approximately an hour. Then, pounded out a hard workout. When it was over I had that “have to get on with living” attitude again.

Virginia and Erin offered me a position shortly after my lay off. We had discussed it in the past, as a “what if “sort of thing, but I never actually thought it was possible. (I know now that a plan in life… going in a direction it is supposed to go… is not always the direction we expected.) While on the weight loss plan, I had learned the basics of strength training properly and in good form. Then I had the benefit on working with a great team of professional trainers, where I learned so much more. Throughout my on-the-job training I studied to get my certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I earned my certification in November 2010.

I have learned a lot about myself in the past couple of years. One thing is the fact that if I can’t rest on my laurels when it comes to my nutrition and exercise program. I occasionally have struggles but the issues are getting fewer as time goes on. I know I will never be immune to the effect food has on me so I have to keep it arrested in my head. Exercise is one way I help myself do that.

I am very happy that I am in the position I am right now. I get to help others all day, every day in a way that I can relate to them personally. I will always be on that road with them because I’ve been there. Well, really, I am there and it’s a great place to be.

Since becoming a member of the team, I now have an ACE certification as a Health Coach. It emphasizes fitness, nutrition and the science behind behavior modification. This will help me connect with people in ways that makes them not only want to change, but believe they can.

If you have weight to lose or want to improve your fitness level, I can help. I understand the struggles and with my personal experience and education, I can help you succeed.

Since becoming a member of the team, I have studied and earned my ACE certification as a Health Coach. This certification emphasizes fitness, nutrition and the science behind behavior modification. This has helped me connect with people in ways that makes them not only want to change, but believe they can.


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