Special January Deals!

To help you reach your goals, we are pleased to offer two special deals! Now through the end of the month, you can purchase 3 personal training sessions with one of our certified professional trainers. Is your goal to lose weight? Tone up? Strengthen? Rehab? Increase energy or flexibility? All of the above? Your trainer will work with you to get the best results. And forget what you might have seen on TV…no one will scream at you! Caring, educated and experienced, Thrive personal trainers will treat you with respect and encouragement. (Personal training sessions are regularly $60 each…this month purchase the Thrive Ahead package–3 sessions for $99)

To further help you with your nutrition needs, Thrive Wellness offers Resting Metabolic Rate assessments. During January, you can get an assessment for half off! (Regularly $60, purchased in January only $30.) Not only will you learn how many calories your body burns at rest each day, you learn how many calories you need to consume to lose weight most effectively. This medical-grade device will analyze your CO2 output for accurate information. You’ll be armed with the information that will help you succeed with your weight loss goals. (If you want further assistance, Thrive weight management program is also available.)

Don’t miss out…January will go by fast! Call or stop by for more info.

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