LIGHTEN UP! Free Weight Loss Workshop

Join us for a free weight loss workshop on September 28th at 10:30 a.m. Many of us want to lose weight to improve our health and appearance. Most people will say they "know what to do" ....but do they, really? There is so much conflicting and confusing information that it's hard to know what to believe!

At the Lighten Up! workshop, you'll learn what's really important to help you be successful. Not on a short-term basis but for a lifetime. (Spoiler alert: there's no magic pill or secret weapon.) We'll cut through the hype and myths of weight loss. This will be an informal meeting intended to educate you--not to sell you anything. Bring your questions! Of course, since we offer a successful, guaranteed weight loss program, there will be reference to it and we'll be happy to answer questions, if desired.

There's no cost, no obligation, no kidding. But we do need RSVPs since space is limited. You can call us at 541-479-3100, stop by 1550 Nebraska Ave. or CLICK HERE to RSVP. Feel free to bring your friends or family members. You don't need to be a member of Thrive Wellness to participate as this workshop is open to the public.


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