Join our a-MAY-zing workout!

Get a full body workout with the trainers of Thrive Wellness. Click here for the warm-up, then follow with up to 3 sets of the workout. (12-15 reps each). Finish with the cool down stretch.

Challenge yourself but please modify, as needed, for your body. You can add weights to make the workout more effective. If you don't have dumbbells or kettle bells available, you can use filled quart or gallon bottles, or fill a backpack with canned goods, books or whatever you have handy!

If you have questions, please contact us at Have an a-MAY-zing month and we look forward to seeing you in soon.



Dynamic Warm-up (3-5 minutes)
Push-up pyramid (1 to 5 to 1)


Plank to Lunge to Overhead stretch (10)
Dive Bombers (12)
Criss-Cross Flutter (12)
Weighted Double Swing (12)
Figure 8 Lunges (8)
Inverted Shoulder Press (12)
Side Planks (30 seconds each side)
Wood Chops (10/10)
Single Leg Toe Touch (8/8)
Chest Press (12)
Bentover Row (12)
Quarantine Abs (1 set)
Heismans (1 minute)

Cool Down and stretch (3-5 minutes)

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