Gov. Brown: "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" 3/20/2020

This info is from a press conference Friday night (3/20/2020)

PORTLAND, Ore.-- Governor Kate Brown announced a stay at home order similar to other orders given recently by New York and California.

The governor made the announcement Friday night at a press conference in Multnomah County. She shied away from calling it a "shelter-in-place" like other states because emergency responders have educated the public on what the term means. Instead, she is calling it "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order.

The order is not a lockdown but encourages every Oregonian to stay home unless you have to go to work, get groceries, or walk the dog. Brown said to continue to practice aggressive social distancing when you are out and about.

"We are truly all in this together, your actions right now are the difference between life and death," Brown said.

At this time, no official executive order has been made, however, we encourage all members to take this directive seriously for the health of our community and families.

Beginning Monday, March 23rd, we will, sadly, discontinue all of our staffed hours, classes and appointments. It is our hope and prayer that by working together, we can kick this pandemic's rear end quickly and be back, healthier and stronger than ever!

Remember, all active Thrive Wellness members will have access to Fitness on Demand digital classes in the comfort of your own home. To sign up for access, please send a request to our contact page.

We know this is disruptive and difficult for all our members, trainers and our community at large. Thanks for your patience and all the kind, gracious responses we have received! It means so much to us.

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