Day 3: Natural Calm...the anti-stress supplement

Not to suggest that the holiday season is anything but jolly but if you find yourself a bit on the stressed side, try Natural Calm! Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that can help you in, oh, so many ways!

Magnesium influences many bodily processes, including digestion, energy production, muscle function, bone formation, creation of new cells, activation of B and D vitamins, relaxation of muscles, as well as assisting in the functions of the heart, kidneys, adrenals, brain and nervous system. Wow, that's a hardworking essential mineral and yet, most of us are low in magnesium. Millions suffer daily from symptoms that can result from a lack of magnesium, including stress....holidays or anytime.

Today you can do your body a favor while you saving money. Like most of the products we offer, we discount Natural Calm significantly below suggested retail price every day. But today we're taking the discount to a whole new level on Natural Calm: 16 oz. size is only $23 (MSRP $40.95, Thrive discounted price $28); 8 oz. $14 (MSRP $23.95, Thrive discounted price $17). Limit one per person, subject to stock on hand.


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