Anniversary Drawing Winners!

Not that ALL Thrive members aren’t winners…it’s just that some are more so than others! So, without further ado, here are the drawing winners (insert drum roll here):

For privacy, only first names and last initial are listed. If you think you are the winner, please call us!

Guests Nancy F. and Summy J. each won a one-month membership
Guests Kim D. and Lynette B. each won a two-month membership
Alissa L. won a 30-minute massage
Joe O. won a 30-minute massage
Christina A. won a Synergie session
Christy J. won a Synergie session
Jennifer A. won a Synergie session
Danielle S. won a 3 Synergie sessions
Joey G. won a $10 gift card
Connie R. won a $25 gift card
Piper D. won a $50 gift card
We had a fun week with members bringing in their friends and family members, and enjoying complimentary chair massages, Synergie body treatments and facials. Then, of course, there was the free member car wash and food!

I know it sounds cliche’ but we could not do what we do without our members. If we had the ability to hand-pick our members, we would choose the very same ones! Our members are what makes it so rewarding to come to work each day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and loyalty…we truly appriciate it!

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